Here’s the awesome people in the world that either work alongside me, or have taught me valuable skills, like: don’t run with scissors, even if you’re really, really excited.

Alex Frost



DJ and producer playing everything that feels good!

Playing the length and breadth of the country, Alex is at home at underground events, weddings, corporate parties or any other occasion, fitting the music and the vibe to the time and place.

Alex tailors his musical sets to create the feelings the dance-floor wants, whether that’s a rush of excitement, giddy highs and bone-shaking lows for a basement on a weekend night, a warm and relaxing chill-out session for a midweek wind down, cutting edge tracks for the innovation hungry or more familiar classics for those simply seeking a good time.

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The BellaBonds


A brand spanking new duo combining the sparkling talents of Yzzy Bella and Kelly Bond or “The BellaBonds”.

Bondie and Blondie met on their first season working for TUI on the beautiful island of Mallorca.
They were both awarded Best Entertainer for their individual brands: Kelly for Couples, Yzzy for Gold. The first time the award had ever been split, but from the moment they met they were personally and professionally inseparable (even when they lived in different continents they always kept in touch).

Both pint-sized, pocket rockets dazzled audiences in their solo shows, so it made perfect sense that when they FINALLY lived in the same country again, they combined their talents to create a fun-filled duo show.

So, how do you tell the difference?
Kelly Bond aka Bondie – The Brunette, slightly Scouse one
Yzzy Bella aka Blondie the… Blonde (mainly), slightly Manc one

Feel Good Inc



Feel Good Inc is a professional live entertainment band, made up of numerous chaps and chapesses from around the Greater Manchester Area.

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PoleFire are highly skilled, experienced and fully trained pole, aerial arts and fire performers. They have performed at many gigs, festivals and club nights and have a great reputation.

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