Bonkers Bingo Mini-Cruise

Saturday 02/02/18

Bonkers Bingo has taken Mecca Bingo clubs by storm, and now we’re taking that storm to the seas! This is a 21st Century Booze Cruise, ride the rave on a wave.

Who’s up for a 3 day mini-cruise from Hull to Rotterdam and back again?

If you are ready to stomach the high seas and Yzzy’s over 18s; no nonsense, no filter act then get booking.

Dressed as Petty Polly: the Parrot, throwing out her pieces of hate, depraved thoughts and filth.

This is Bingo but not as we know it Jim. You’ll be playing for pants prizes and listening to crap music, that you can’t help sing along to.

*Warning: the first few rows will get wet!
bonkers bingo

Tickets start from just £89pp.

See this link below? Click on it. Go on! Don’t be a dick.

Buy Tickets


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